Our Mission

It means that your life challenges, problems, concerns or issues in business come before anything else. It is our mission to make your life easier by resolving any issue you or your employees face in life or business. Rainmaker Solutions is founded on the principle of a return to healthy life and healthy business practices through excellence in customer service, which means, YOU will always be our first and most important priority – guaranteed!

Practice, Drill, Rehearse then Do It Again!

That’s what it takes; a dedicated commitment to change for the better. And we will help you get their one-step-at-a-time.

Rainmaker Solutions has a passion for teaching excellence in customer service. We are mentors, human trainers, team leaders, and trusted advisors for executives, managers, supervisors and front line employees and associates.

We are expert at identifying management, customer service and sales issues and concerns within a company. Rainmaker Solutions motivational coaching techniques and personal training methods have been developed over 3 decades of building relationships, satisfied more productive individuals and companies, and, YES, a steady stream of referrals.

Ed Rosenbaum is known as The Customer Service Rainmaker.

Again – it is about “PAYING IT FORWARD.”

Customer training and results matters here so contact us today and get started!